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Sic Bo Online: An Alternative to the Same Old Games

If you'd like a break from your regular casino games online, sic bo may be the game for you. In fact, sic bo online or in the casino is an excellent game to take up to add some variety to your gambling experience.

The game of sic bo has its origins in ancient China, and is still quite popular in Asia to this day, but it is also gaining popularity in North America and elsewhere, possibly due to its appearance in Hollywood films. The table itself is quite complicated looking, with many different options and flashing lights.

Much like in craps or roulette, players make wagers by putting their chips in the spots corresponding to the bet they wish to make on the elaborate layout. The house edge in sic bo may not be as good as in some games, but you shouldn't be going into any game with the motive of making money. The game is fast paced and appealing to the heady gambler because it demands quick decisions on every shake of the dice. This is, of course, quite different from craps, where you can go without making any new bets for many rolls.

One thing about the game of sic bo, is that you won't find it in every casino. Your best bet may be to play sic bo online, from the comfort of your own home. In the meantime, explore this site, get to know the game, and practice a bit before you lay your money on the line.

Check out our How to Play Sic Bo section to familiarize yourself with the basics of the game. Then head on to our Sic Bo Odds section to become aware of what your odds are on the different bets. Finally, when you are done exploring the rest of the site, learn how you can play sic bo online for free at our Free Sic Bo Download page.

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