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Sic Bo Strategy and Managing Your Bankroll

Although there isn't really a magic sic bo strategy, there are a few things you can do to make sure you walk away with as much money as possible from the sic bo table (this will not, of course, be more than you came to the table with generally). There are basically seven bets you can make in sic bo. Your best chance of winning will come, quite simply, from making the best bets.

What bets might that be? Well, if you've already seen our Sic Bo Odds section, you'll know that the best bets are the Big and Small bets, with a house edge of 2.78% for most sic bo games. Although odds will vary from casino to casino, these will always be your best bets.

Which brings us to the next point. Find the best places to play. Look around, because this is probably the single most important thing to take into account in your sic bo strategy if you intend to go outside the big and small bets (these appear to have constant odds across all casinos, but make sure just in case). Some bets may have up to double the house edge that is common at other casinos on some bets.

Gambling Money Management

Now, regardless of what game you are playing in the casino, gambling money management is important to any strategy. It is not uncommon to hear of someone spending their life savings gambling, or to hear of a couple who went on vacation, only to blow all of their money at the casino within the first day (or hour).

This is almost always the result of bad money management. Even having good luck in the casino means nothing if you don't know how to handle your bankroll. If you use a strategy to handle your bankroll well, you can drastically decrease the depletion of your money on a losing streak, and increase your winning streaks. Professional gamblers know the value of having a good strategy of managing their money, and you need to know this value as well if you want to get good value in a casino.

The Basics

You need a bankroll for gambling. This represents the money that you have set aside specifically for betting on whatever games you might play. The most crucial thing of all in any gambling money management strategy is to never, in any circumstances, spend any money that you cannot afford to lose, and that was not originally included in the bankroll that you have set aside for gambling. Many a gambler has been caught up in the moment, only to disregard their initial bankroll investment, and rarely has this turned out well. Never chase losses. This will most often lead to losing more money. You are never “due for a win” simply because you have lost so much already – the odds remain the same with every new roll of the dice.

The Session Bankroll

Professional gamblers often include this in their sic bo strategies, and gambling money management strategies in general. It involves breaking your bankroll into separate sums of money, each sum to be used in different sessions of gambling. Depending on how much money you have and what game you're playing, these sessions might be half an hour, or an hour long, or two or three hours long, once or twice a day. The length of the session isn't the most important thing. What is important is that it ends when your session bankroll runs out. With this sic bo money management strategy, you can stop one bad session from ruining the entire day.

Regardless of what money management strategy you use while playing sic bo, the important thing is that you never play more money than you can afford to lose, and never more than you set aside originally for your gambling. In short, there is no winning sic bo strategy. The best strategy is one of minimizing losses, to drag out the play as long as possible. And if you do happen to get lucky, know when to call it quits.

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